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Oxomoon Capsules

Sexual wellness product "OXOMOON" Pure Bliss !!

The OXOMoon Capsule delivered by Briskheal is quite possibly the most intense spices in nature that improves wellbeing. It is direct blessings from the Himalayas. For considerably over 2,000 years, this common guide has been utilized in Ayurveda as it gives a wide exhibit of medical advantages and power.

As indicated by other exploration, around 30% of the men underneath the age of 45 years and 20 percent of men across age bunches had encountered troubles in getting an erection. 53% of men are not even mindful of ED and 42 percent of men will substitute meds endorsed by their primary care physician with a less expensive alternative or choose what their drug specialist recommends. 35% of men feel that pressure is the significant impetus for Erectile Dysfunction.

In any case, the review emphasizes ladies are gradually discovering their voice and getting more vocal about the issues that make a difference to them.

Men with sexual dysfunction attempt to adjust their circumstances with the connection between the kind of sexual brokenness they suffer, sad temperament, and confidence all being very important contemplations or minimal satisfaction. Sexuality and work status are the territories where men with spinal string wounds report fewer fulfillments. Stress, in any case, may diminish the longing for sex and cause weakness and sex is an important part between the couple’s longtime relationship. This is the essential clarification for developing fruitlessness cases, lost sex drive, and other sexual issues in grown-ups. Yet, most men don't look for sure fire clinical consideration from a prepared specialist due to the social shame identified with sex. The chance of results accompanies present day medication. Leaving these issues unattended will add to disappointment, complex deficiency, and conjugal disharmony. Ayurvedic sex medications incorporate home grown restorative equations to fix sexual issues suddenly. Briskheal recommends straightforward way of life changes like nourishment, exercise, and rest can help in increasing your relationship life along with OXOMoon medicines. OXOMoon is a pure bliss for your relationship longevity.

Psychological Impact

As per Ayurveda, the handling of sexual brokenness is given immense significance since it improves the general prosperity of a person all around both the physical as well as mental. Ayurveda is considered as in excess of a simple mending clinical framework. It is a science and craft of proper living, which assists with accomplishing life span. It can likewise control each person in the counteraction of illness and long-haul upkeep of wellbeing. The three important pillars of your healthy life are your proper diet, daily routine and sexual life. Sexual issues stay untreated due to disgrace and humiliation. For the absence of appropriate treatment, the issue turns out to be significantly more muddled, frequently messing up intimate life of couples and which results in divorce and breakups. Ayurveda can adequately treat sexual issues with unique Rasayanas and spices. Buy OXOMoon to improve the strength of your sexual power.

Performance worries

In your intimacy life men’s sexual performance plays an important role to save the relationship. OXOMoon is an ayurvedic medication for sexual brokenness. It is profoundly powerful in reestablishing charm, treating untimely discharge and adjusting erectile brokenness. Specialist’s trust OXOMoon Capsules for elevating a man's sexual presentation normally. It improves sexual execution. Soothes uneasiness and lifts certainty. Its extraordinary normal fixings make it a solid incredible pressure buster. Essentialness spices lessen pressure and upgrade energy. It gives energy and excitement. It improves libido naturally and provide energy.

Social taboo to discuss

In India, sex is a subject that is regularly challenged as it is viewed as embarrassing and improper to banter, particularly with the elderly folks of the general public. Even when somebody wants to discuss regarding this topic either people make fun or they run out of it. In case if somebody is communicating about one's own sexuality and sexual direction is given the tag of obscenity and dishonor. Since sex isn't fundamental for endurance doesn't imply that it ought to be overlooked or ignored from the society. Each individual doesn't have a similar arrangement of spirit. Sex should not be banned from social discussion and it’s an important part of everyone’s life whether they ignore this term or not.

Less qualified sexologist

A sexologist is an expert in the field of sexology, who as a feature of his preparation is knowledgeable in different parts of human sexuality, from ordinary sexual advancement to sexual direction, the elements of sexual connections and sexual dysfunctions and issues, as erectile brokenness, untimely discharge, sexual craving issues, but the problem is that India suffers the problem of lack of proper sexologist. In India, sexology is at present an unregulated field, which implies that individuals can call themselves sexologists without acquiring qualifications in the field and sit on the chair presenting themselves as a sexologist. While looking for a sexologist, it is imperative to understand what sort of formal instruction and preparing does a professional have nearby human sexuality. This is the reason Ayurveda is playing an important role in intimacy life of a person without any side effects.

How Herbal products be able to correct synthetic products bad effect

The utilization of plant or plant-based items to invigorate sexual craving and to upgrade execution and happiness is nearly just about as old as humankind itself. There are various spices or herbs that can uphold sound sexual capacity in men’s life, large numbers of which have been known to be powerful for millennia, affirmed by present day research. Spices have been utilized altogether societies all throughout the planet to improve force and imperativeness. Characteristic concentrates are progressively utilized in the cutting-edge world to help sexual capacity, a significant number of which have been discovered to be both protected and successful in improving sexual wellbeing in men. Concentrates, for example, ashwagandha, Foetida, Tribulus terrestris, Red Ginseng and beetroot separate have been accounted for to assume a huge part in men's sexual wellbeing by improving perseverance, directing fundamental chemicals, improving sperm check and identified with men's sexual wellbeing. Hence, here on BriskHeal herbal website we have come with a pure bliss called OXOMoon to help maintain sexual life and intimacy between the partners.

Premature Ejaculation- What Ayurveda & Yoga can offer.

As mention in our philosophy BriskHeal is not only a online a portal to involve in sales activities, rather it is our continuous effort in educating our customers to understand the reason of suffering and how to take corrective majors to rectify system for wellbeing. If you are using a product without understanding the basic concept of product and why the same designed ‘then it is just an attempt to indulge few days of treatment and then forget. However if you understand your body system, diagnosed and advised by Ayurveda consultant, then it is possible to find the root cause and provide a complete remedy to your ailment.

Let’s explore what Ayurveda and Yoga can offer to correct Premature Ejaculation extracted from International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine Premature Ejaculation – What Ayurveda & Yoga can Offer? This is our attempt to summarize the content and help our visitors to understand in simplified way.

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is defined as ejaculation before the completion of satisfactory sexual activity for both partners. In severe cases, it is characterized by ejaculation either before penetration or soon after that. The causes can be biological (relatively uncommon) or psychological (performance anxiety). PE is generally regarded as one of the most common male sexual dysfunctions. It is affecting on average 40% of men worldwide. Many other factors such as age, novelty of the sexual partner or situation and recent frequency of sexual activity etc should be considered while diagnosing PE.

Vajikarana (sexual medicine/sexology/aphrodisiac therapy) is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda which deals with the preservation and amplification of the sexual potency of a man, conception of healthy progeny as well as management of infertility & sexual dysfunctions.

Vajikarana improves sexual capacity and also physical, psychological and social health of an individual. Concept of PE in Ayurvedic Classics The rich heritage of Indian culture considered ‘kama’ (desire/sex) as one among the purusharthas, the objectives of life.

The concept of ‘kama’ reveals that the recreational aspects like enjoyment and it is also equally important for procreation. As an art as well as science the ancient Indian erotic literature deals various aspects of ‘kama’ along with its social, cultural and medicinal importance.

Vasti is an important panchakarma procedure and an ideal choice in the management of premature ejaculation. Various yoga practices are also described to get control over ejaculation and among them ‘vajroli mudra’ is an important one.

Ayurvedic line of treatment for early ejaculation/sukragatavata should consists of vrishya (aphrodisiacs), balya (tonics), vatahara (drugs/procedures which pacifies vata dosha), medhya (psychotropic drugs) and sukrastambhaka (drugs helpful to delay ejaculation) properties.

Vasti is the best available treatment / an ideal choice for vata vikara’s or shukragata vata, as it controls vata at its own site. By considering the above facts it seems that PE is managed by, different herbal drugs/herbo-mineral formulations (which are useful to delay ejaculation, to improve performance or works as tonics), various external applications over lower abdomen/ all over the body (to regulate vata dosha which is the main pathological factor in PE according to Ayurveda

Role of Yoga in PE ‘Hatha yoga’ gives utmost importance related to conservation of semen and controlling ejaculation. There are some practices explained in hatha yoga texts to preserve the semen (to stop / to control/ to withhold ejaculation). The bindu which is about to fall in to the woman’s vagina should be made to move upwards with continuous practice. The ejaculated semen along with the secretions of women’s vagina should be drawn up through urethra by muscular contractions. The flow of bindu can be reversed by continuous practices of various mudra’s like, vipareeta karani mudra, khechari mudra, vajroli mudra etc.

Vajroli mudra.

The word ‘Vajra’ refers to ‘Vajra nadi’, which governs the urogenital system. Vajra nadi is the energy flow within the spine which governs the sexual functions of the body. There are seven practices of Vajroli and these practices takes years of preparation which starts with the simple contraction of uro-genital muscles and later sucking up of liquids through urethra. The seventh practice is ‘Yogic intercourse’ (doing intercourse by withholding ejaculation or sucking up of ejaculated semen after ejaculation in women’s vagina through urethra by muscular contractions). By practicing gradual upward contractions during ejaculation in intercourse, man can achieve perfection in vajroli. Perfection of vajroli means, being able to withdraw the seminal fluid during the height of climax and this involves the practice of contracting and controlling the muscles of the uro-genital complex.

Role of Mind in Ejaculation According to Yoga A man’s semen can be controlled by the mind and control of semen is life giving. Therefore, the semen and mind should be controlled and conserved. Yogis (people who practices yoga) have always claimed that autonomic body functions can be consciously controlled with time and effort.

Yoga Practices useful in asana’s like, pawanamuktasana, surya namaskara, sarvangasana, halasana, shashankasana, marjari asana, ushtrasana, vyaghrasana, kati-chakrasana, tadasana, meruprishtasana, utthanasana, trikonasana, yogamudrasana, matsyasana and all backward bending asana’s; pranayama’s like nadi shodhana pranayama, bhastrika and ujjayi; mudra’s like, ashwini mudra, vajroli mudra, vipareetakarani mudra, maha mudra and maha bheda mudra; bandha’s like moola bandha and maha bandha; shatkarma procedures like, nauli, agnisara kriya; other practices like, yoga nidra and meditation are useful for general toning of male and female reproductive organs and also to calm the mind.

In conclusion only medicine to control PE may give a satisfactory result, but to understand issues in system and practicing various asans’s, meditation and proper diet is also very important to have a proper sexual life which is important in human life cycle. Our gratitude to Dr. Gupta K and Mamidi P in bringing out these details on a topics which never talked or discussed openly to understand our own issues.

OXOMoon Capsules, Pure Bliss!!

Let’s explore few important ingredients used in OXOMoon Capsule which is a combination minerals & Herbal ingredients.


Effect on Male Sexual Organs

Nocturnal erections and Swelling of the (lower part) of the testicle is relieved by Aurum Met.

Swelling of the testes, with aching pain on touching and rubbing.

Hydrocele is well checked by Aurum Met.

Stannic Sulphidum (Swarn Vang): Swarna Vang well known for curing semen & urine related complications

Red Sulphide of Mercury – Known as Ras sindoor, improves stamina and immunity.

Talcum(Calcined) – Bhasma is used as mineral in traditional Ayurveda processes and helps to improve sexual and reproductive problems.

Arsenum – Works as a sexual stimulant ingredient.

Ferri Sulphuratum- Swarna Makshikam -Balance hormones and emotions, promote normal blood flow, maintain proper hemoglobin level

Asphaltum Extracts - (shilajeet ghan satav): It helps maintain the balanced flow of testosterone & help maintain the urine’s flow. Helps Improve Male Weakness; Helps Provide Energy and Stamina & General Weakness, Rejuvenator, Restorative, Aphrodisiac. It also supports for renewing vitality and physical strength.

Crocus Sativus- Commonly known as saffron crocus, or autumn crocus. Act as an aphrodisiac, reduce ED, increase the no and duration of erection. Improve sperm function.

Ambra grasea- Improves nervous temperament and overall mood and freshness.

Anacyclus pyrethrum- Akarkarabha-Used to correct Impotency & Erectile dysfunction. Anacyclus Pyrethrum or Akarkara is good remedy for treating Impotence & Erectile dysfunction. It has same function as SILDENAFIL has, but it does not increase blood pressure. It also has lesser side effects as compared to SILDENAFIL. Akarkara efficacy reduces after a few weeks if it is used alone. Therefore, it should be used along with Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Kaunch Beej (Mucuna Pruiens) for maximum benefits.

Myristica fragrans & Myristica fragrans mace-Nutmeg or Jaayaphal, indigenous to India,Indonesian and Srilanka, enhances sex drive and performance. Nervous stimulants and have a positive effect on sexual behavior. Nutmeg has been shown to increase blood circulation, which can help with ED. Possesses aphrodisiac activity, increasing both libido and potency, which might be attributed to its nervous stimulating property. Improves penile reflexes with penile stimulation. The extract was also observed to be devoid of any adverse effects and acute toxicity. Known to control anxiety by balancing Vata Dosha.

Caryophyllus aromaticusClove-Lawang- Aphrodisiac, keep longer erection, improves sexual activity.

Asparagus adscend - Safed Musli-Used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, lack of libido and to improve body stamina. Can be taken in milk in conditions of low sperm count and premature ejaculation. Powder of Musli can be taken with honey or milk which arouses sexual urge.

Asparagus racemosus- Shatavari- Shatavari herb is used as a powerful aphrodisiac (Vaajikarana) and tonic (Rasayana) for thousands of years in India. Extremely beneficial for enhancing women health and promotes libido in women. Being a natural aphrodisiac, helps in reducing stress and anxiety, stimulates the hormones for increasing libido in both men and women. Increases virility and stamina in men.->Click2Source

Withania somnifera-Ashwagandha – is an ancient medicinal herb, being adaptogen helps body to manage stress. Powerful effect on male hormone called, testosterone and increases fertility in men. Increases muscle mass, reduces body fat and increases strength in men. Lower cholesterol and triglycerides the main disturbances which reduces sexual promptness and activeness.

Mucuna pruriens-Kaunch Beej- Mainly used for male infertility, nervous disorders and also as an aphrodisiac.M-pruriens seeds are rich in L-DOPA and its metabolites includes epinephrine and nor-epinephrine which increases dopamine, the happy hormone, in the brain, not only induce sexual behavior but increase testosterone level in plasma.

Hygrophila spinosa-Ikshura, Ikshugandha. Mainly used to treat infertility and sexual behaviour. Manages ED by improving testosterone level in men. Improves sexual stamina due to its aphrodisiac effect. Having antioxidant properties and manages blood sugar level.

Ipomoea digitataKsheervidari or Vidari- Produces phytochemicals which revitalizes body, reduces blood sugar, increases weight, Also known for its anti-diabetic properties, involuntary discharge of semen without orgasm also taken care by Vidari. Reduces lipid profile disturbances, protects liver too.

Datura alba purified-Datura offers a one-shot traditional remedy for boosting libido and improving fertility in both men and women. With strong aphrodisiac properties that not only helps in reducing mental stress and anxiety but also stimulates the reproductive hormones for increasing libido. It plays a key role in increasing virility and stamina in men. Consuming purified datura seeds known to increase blood circulation in the genitals which thereby improves the production of male hormones like testosterone and luteinizing hormone, thus improving the motility and quality of sperms in male. Datura is famed for its effects on the human mind. The presence of adaptogenic, hypnotic, and sedative properties not only improve the mood but also relieves stress.

Glycyrriza Glabra – Yashtimadhu- Known as a power house of antioxidant and helpful nutrients. Improves general stamina and energy and vitality in body. Improves the function of liver, kidney and adrenal glands which in turn reduces stress level.