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VediCana Mustard Oil

Isn’t it difficult to imagine life without mustard oil in East and North Eastern part of India? Markets crowded with varieties of edible oils however Mustard oil always find its place in our kitchen. VediCana Mustard Oil extracted using our traditional cold press method to maintain the goodness of oil. We procure finest black Mustard seeds for our oil preparation process and ensures a better product for our consumers. Obvious question is why mustard oil. Reason is one and only one. We all love deep frying hence mustard oil score better than refined and other oils in overall health benefits.

Benefits of VediCana Mustard Oil
  • Cold pressed from finest black mustard seeds ensuring good health.
  • Good ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Rich in MUFA(Mono unsaturated fatty acids) making it heart friendly.
  • Extracted oil is unrefined to give a great flavour and aroma.
  • No artificial preservative or chemicals used at any point of extraction.
  • Antifungal when used externally
  • Fights Bacterial infections in colon, Intestines and Digestive tract when used as edible oil.
  • Mustard oils has been used for centuries in India for cooking, haircare, skincare, body massage due to its unique nutritional composition. Enjoy the fresh and finest mustard oil, VediCana Mustard Oil.