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ELOOVA Herbal Shampoo

In Hair Care category we have introduced two Herbal, Natural products. VediCana Herbal hair oil and Eloova Herbal Shampoo. To find more on VediCana Hair Oil, please visit to VediCana Hair Oil segment. Here we will describe you the advantages of Eloova shampoo.

Focus of Eloova, Evolving beautifully, Herbal Shampoo is to fight 5 major hair problems.

  • Hair fall
  • Premature greying
  • Dullness
  • Roughness
  • Split ends

These issues tackled with the combination of Herbal ingredients in shampoo form. Let’s discuss the advantage of each ingredients presented in Eloova Herbal Shampoo.


A rich source in Vatimin-C, Tannins, Phosphorus, Iron and Calcium. Topical application directly deliver these nutrients to your hair which improves the health of your hair and gives a healthier look. Vit-C and other antioxidants improves health of scalp, minimizes dandruff, resulted in healthier hair. Essential fatty acids penetrate into follicles, helps in smoother, shiner and voluminous hair.


Mainly stimulates hair follicles, prevent hair loss and greying of hair. Improves blood circulation to scalp. Antioxidant properties not only promotes rejuvenation of hair also promote regeneration of hair. Regular application will promote thicker and healthy hair, build new hair follicles and also relieve stress. Helps to cure alopecia, itching, dandruff, flakes and split ends.

Neem Patra

Additon of Neetm Patra, is to provide a natural antifungal in the product. Beneficial to treat dandruff which is stubborn and never goes easily. Chemical uses like provide iodine may give a temporary relief but recurrence of situation observed once uses stopped. Not only that Neem Patra also cleanse hair scalp, treat lice, conditioned hair hence no need for chemical conditioner after shampoo. Also strengthen hair follicles adding volume and shine to your hair.

Mehandi Patra

Also known as Heena is loaded with phytochemicals like tannins and phenolics, regulate oil secretions, combat dandruff, repair hair damage also prevents premature greying.


Eloova is a complete herbal shampoo hence do not have any chemical foaming agent. Reetha mainly work as a herbal foaming agent. A natural cleanser for washing hair. Contains saponins which act as a foaming agent. Reetha is a mild ingredient with low PH hence do not wash away the natural oil of hair during shampooing processes. Gives a better shine and texture to your hair after a shampoo.


Anti-dandruff properties, reduces fungal infection, itching, scalp dryness. Removes toxins from hair. PH neutralizer hence dose not make scalp either dry or oily where fungus or microbes can thrive. Make your scalp clean and keep fresh in regular uses.


One more ingredients which treats dandruff, treat dry scalp, treats baldness and helps in hair growth. Effectively increases blood circulation hence health of hair follicles. Use Eloova for a longer period of time for effective benefits of all the ingredients associated with it.


Rich source of vitamin-K and antioxidants. Stimulates blood circulation and hair growth. Treats hair fall and greying of hair.


Gives strength to hair follicle hence stops loss of hair. Adds shine and softness. Woks as a natural conditioner. Delays grey hair and gives a soothing effect after shampoo. Detangles hair after a proper shampoo.

Alovera Base

Calms an itchy scalp. Deep cleanse oily hair. Strengthens and repair hair strands. Promote hair growth.

xclusively designed and formulated Eloova for a better and natural shampoo free from chemicals.