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Never tried Herbal products before. However found Eloova Herbal Shampoo good for my personal use to take care of hair loss.
Sisir Sahu Bhubaneswar
Hardcore Pharma Guy, rarely believes in Herbal products. However my try with VediCana Ayush Kwath, Herbal Tea, changed my opinion on product. Refreshing in morning and helpful to improve my immunity.
Mayank Dwivedi Indore
I insure life and protect family from distress. Tried a product called Sencial Body Massage Oil to protect my body from fatigue and tiredness. Happy with product that give me freshness and throw toxins out. Suggest to buy and try this wonderful product.
Dinesh Mishra Hyderabad
VediCana Hair Oil after a month use, found satisfactory and my hair loss reduced. Nice fragrance reminds a natural aesthetic product.
Rishita Dash Vadodara
Gas, bloating and constipation was a regular phenomena till I advised VediCana Triphala Tablet. Regular intake and advised by BriskHeal advisors, improved my condition and I appreciate BriskHeal VediCana Tripahal for giving me relief from situation.
Dipak Gupta Mumbai