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Belamo Brazilian Yellow Clay

Yellow Brazilian clay is a premium adorning clay from Brazil wildly used by cosmetologists for its fine and unique composition, rich in minerals including Silica and Iron. This Brazilian yellow clay is very soft and gentle in texture which ultimately makes up a great choice for people having dry or sensitive skin.

Its naturally occurring colorants are achieved by alternation in the mineral content and trace elements found in the soil thus it lacks the contains of synthetic dyes or pigments.

• Antiaging and Revive Skin: The mineral composition of our Yellow Brazilian Clay which is rich in Silicon dioxide has been shown to help collagen formation, which makes it a popular choice in anti-aging products and thus replenishes the skin.

• Exfoliating properties: This clay has slightly bigger colloid particles which naturally remove the extra flakes, impurities, and dead skin cells.

• Detox the toxins: The detoxifying property improves blood circulation, helps in collagen formation, which promotes healthy and glowing skin.

• Hair nourishment: Some hair products also use Yellow Clay as it helps to restructure the hair follicles and strengthen them. It also effectively controls the oiliness and dandruff of the scalp.

• Ph Balance: As it is suitable for sensitive and light skin texture this skin clay care regiment helps us to level the ph of disturbed skin and scalp.

DIY of Brazilian yellow clay:

Follow these steps to make you become a Brazilian yellow clay mask pack.

1. Combine water and essential oil a few drops (e.g., Lemon Oil, Te tree Oil, or Lavender Oil) in a Glass bowl. You can check our Essential Oil segment for oil details.

2. Add Multani clay to the water-oil mixture. Allow it to absorb for a few minutes.

3. Add Brazilian yellow powder and raw honey to the bowl. Combine all ingredients to form a paste.

Hair mask

•After applying the Brazilian yellow clay mask to your hair, you can either use shampoo and conditioner for clean-up purposes or you can generally rinse it with water.

• Leave it for 5-10 mins. This will ensure that the product has penetrated deep into your hair and scalp.

How to apply Brazilian yellow clay:

1 Cleanse your face to remove dirt, oils, and makeup.

2 Use fingertips to spread the mask evenly over your face.

3 Gently massage it into your skin.

4 You can use a paintbrush or a soft-bristled brush to use it effectively.

5 Keep the mask away from eyes and mouth.

6 Keep 15 minutes to allow the mask to dry.

7 Rinse it off with lukewarm water, dry your face and use some good moisturizer.

Safety Tips.

Even though it is generally safe to use on your skin, there are a few safety precautions to keep in mind. Don’t overuse the mask. Once or twice a week is enough. Using it more often may dry out your skin. Before using check for a small patch test. Lookout for allergy symptoms like burning, itching, redness, or swelling after application. Stop using if any of these symptoms observed Keep the mask away from the eye area. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT EAT/TAKE INTERNALLY IN ANY FORM. Keep out of reach of the Children.