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VediCana Herbal Oil

Hair is the one of the important parts of our body which influence all appearance of women or men. For care of such vital part of our body many of the things are available in the market. But we have to choose right one. Herbal hair oil is one of the most well recognized products for hair treatment. In Ayurvedic medicine herbs used to prepare Herbal hair oil as an important part of Hair care system.

Introducing VediCana Herbal Hair Oil

VediCana Herbal oils are natural oil products with essential properties to treat hair problems like thinning of hair and dry or flaky scalp. VediCana Herbal hair oil helps in intensive hair growth. VediCana herbal hair oil not just only moisturize the scalp but also helps to remove dandruff from hair and also reverses dry scalp. It acts as natural conditioner for shiny hair growth that not only shines and makes bouncy hair but also helps deeply for cooling and nourishment of scalp. VediCana Herbal hair oil is an unique combination of Natural products that is Herbal extracts. In Ayurveda there is tremendous importance of Herbal extracts. Ayurveda also says herbal extracts is unique and excellent items for hair fall prevention, stimulation for hair growth and scalp health.

Use of VediCana Herbal Hair Oil

Herbal remedies and oils are used mostly relieve or treat every possible health condition. They can be possibly used with a preventative aspect to prevent hair fall due to chronic diseases. 1. Herbal hair oil Reinvigorate hair tissues. 2. It Nourishes hairs and gives bouncy, shiny hairs. It Nourishes hair roots and scalp. Also gives goodness to hair. 3. Boosting Hair growths and also reduces Baldness. 4. Herbal hair oil stimulates circulation to the hair follicles, strengthen hair and arrests dandruff. They protect hair from chemical stuff. 5. If you are really tired of damage of hairs VediCana has all the property of arresting it and will be best friend for your hair 6. Presence of antioxidants helps in reducing the scalp infections, cleans the hair follicles, gets rid of dandruff and dirt.

Essential Ingredients Of VediCana Herbal Hair Oil

Til oil ( Seasum indicum ):

It prevents premature hair graying. Massaging Til oil on scalp can prevents drying of scalp. Seasum oil has vitamin E, B-complex and minerals such as magnesium and potassium and proteins present in it nourishes the hairs and promote growth of hairs.

Coconut oil ( Cocos nucifera):

Coconut oil contain 90% of saturated fatty acids. It also soothes itchiness and clear out dandruff. While vitamin B12 present in Coconut oil promotes hair growth.

Made sidhi with Bhringraj( Eclipta alba ):

Bhringraj oil helps darken the hair and arrest dandruff. It consists of number of antioxidants which is helpful in promoting hair growth.

Harar( Terminalia chebula )

Terminalia Chebula having high cholesterol promote and nourishes hair growth. It is valuable for Hair care treatment.

Bahera( Terminalia Belerica)

The Terminalia Belerica seeds have an oil content of 40% fatty acids methyl esters meets all major biodiesel requirements have an ability to give strength to the follicles of Hair.

Amla ( Emblica officinalis)

it contain more amount of antioxidants and essential fatty acids penetrate into the hairs follicles. Makes the hair darker. The high content of iron and carotenes also stimulates hair growth.

Brahmi ( Herpestis monniera )

The most active components in Brahmi is alkaloids and triterpenes is an acid present which help in synthesis of collagen fibers. Brahmi provide strength and nourishment through sclap. It also strengthens the weakened veins increasing oxygenated blood supply. Thus, oxygenated blood stimulates growths of hair

Kushta( Sassurea lappa)

Kushta contains alkaloids, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, glycoside all of which are powerful healing agents. Thus all helps combat free radicals from scalp. This all gives natural conditioning effect to our hairs.

Usheera( Andropogon muricatus )

It acts as coolant and normalize pitta dosha and kaugh because of this property this herb used as friendly herbs as Bhringraj. This herb helps to reduce inflammation, burning sensation of flaking skin.

Chameli pushp( Jasminum grandiflorum )

The chameli which has a sweet, light fragrance used for aromatherapy gives a soothing and aesthetic value to oil. Chameli pushpa not only gives fragrance to hair also reduces stress and anxiety through its aromatic properties. To get best result spend some time by massaging head with chameli pushp before you take bath.

Kranjua(Pongamia glabra)

Kranjua has anti-inflammatory compounds which reduce irritation from your scalp. Scalp inflammation leads to dandruff and other hair problems that further leads to hair fall. Loaded with nutrients, this is great for your hair. It gives your hair the required nutrients and increases your hair growth.

Mulathi(Glycrrhiza glabra)

Mulathi also called a magic herb as it provides all answers to almost all health remedies. Also helps in several skin and scalp infections.

Giloy ( Tinospora cordifolia )

As Giloy have raktashodhka proporties which help in nourishment of scalp , hair, skin. As Giloy mainly used to boost immune system but it also beneficial for hair growth. It has antioxidants properties

Mandoor ( Ferri oxidum )

As Mandoor is poly herbal formulations contains more amount of iron. In Ayurveda this is prescribed for factors like hairs, height, weight improvement. In Ancient Ayurveda Mandoor used to arrest premature greying of hair.

Majith (Rubia cordifolia)

It is called as best blood purifying herbs in the Ayurveda. The Majitha powder,actually its roots used as hair coloring agents. The oil prepared from this roots are also used as medicinal oil. It also helps in solving problem of greying the hair.

Rakt Chandan(Pterocarpus Santalinus)

This contains astringent property which helps to remove dry cells and facilitates in hair growth.

Anantmool (Hemidesmus indicus )

Anantmool is an rare herbs has several benefits for growth. It is natural cure for baldness and hair fall. It also beneficial for new hair growth. No need for conditioners after shampoo. Improves skin tone and smoothens texture of hair and works as a great cleanser too.

Kaner( Nerium odorium)

Kaner has a record to stop hair fall in just 30 to 40 days. It does not irritate like onion. Kaner elements can grow hair back on head .

Why Only VediCana Herbal Hair Oil Should use

  • The Herbal VediCana oil Contain all of the above essential ingredients. As they are very important for promoting hair care and for treatment. And all of this combination we found in one oil which is "VediCana Herbal Hair Oil".
  • We claim that this is one of the best hair oil available in market that will work as magic on yours hairs. Give them try on your hairs and watch how it transforms your dry damaged hairs into luscious, shiny, smooth, long hairs. And gives you a beautiful look.
  • VediCana Herbal hair oil promotes remarkable benefits to hairs which present uniquely that is it acts like safeguard from sun.
  • Hair is the main factor that gives a look to your beauty. There is magic available so hurry up and add shiny hairs to your beauty.

We want to focus that this is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine for curative purpose. If you are a male and hair fall is genetic then also you can give a try to control profuse loss of hair and delay the progression of baldness. We must understand hair fall also depends on various issues like your life style, your job function and your food intake. You also need to correct those factors to have a happy result with the addition of VediCana Herbal hair oil.