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VediCana Hair Growth Cap.

Each 500mg Capsules contains;

  • Bhringraj 150mg
  • Mandukaprni 50mg
  • Arogyawardhini(A.S.S) 90mg
  • Saptamrit Loh(A.S.S) 80mg
  • Swarnmakshik Bhasma(R.T.S) 50mg
  • Praval Pishiri(R.T.S) 30mg
  • Bamboo Shoot Extract 50mg
  • Bhringraj-(Eclipta alba)

    Bhringraj also known as Kesharaj (Ruler of the hair), rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Effective in promoting hair growth and reduces greying of hair due to the presents of nutrients that nourishes hair scalp. Bhringraj helps in balancing Vata Dosha and removes excessive dryness. Prevents baldness and thinning of hair by its hair growth properties.

    Mandukaprni- (Centella asiatica)

    Promotes the growth of healthy hair. Strengthen hair follicles hence prevents hair fall and greying of hair. Nourishes and rejuvenates the hair and increases growth. Reduces stress, anxiety and skin ulcers. Improves blood circulation and removes toxins. Add shine, repair split ends, nourishes hair, maintains a healthy scalp.


    A.S.S – Ayurveda Sara Sangraha, defines Arogyawardhini is herbo mineral formulatin which is used to treat or balance three doshas. Arogyavardhini has the following ingredients, Shuddha Parada, Shuddha Gandhak, Loha Bhasma, Abhraka Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Shilajatu, Guggulu, Chitramool, Neemba, Katuki, Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalaka. Pregnant and Lactating women should avoid this due to the presence of various Bhasma. Nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, steroids, flavonoids, saponins, amino acids, starch and sugar are present in Arogyavardhini. It works as a Rasayan Karma(Rejuvinator), Pachan(Digestive), Deepan(Appetiser) and Shroto shodhan (Detoxification). Sever acidity or constipation creates irregularities and many a times is a main cause of premature hair fall. Arogyawardhini takes care of your cardiac health, controls obesity and clears bowel.

    Saptamrit Loh(A.S.S)

    As per Ayurveda Sara Sangraha the ingredients used to prepare Saptmrit Loh is Yashtimadhu(Mulethi)-Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Amla(Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki(Terminalia bellirica), Haritaki(Terminalia chebula) and Lauh Bhasma. Apart from these ingredients Honey and Desi cow Ghee is used to prepare Saptmrit Loh. Highly beneficial to balance various Doshas and regulates proper functions of human system. Balances stomach acid, relieves gas, Detoxifies bloods and prevents skin diseases, stops itching, soothing and softening effect on skin, promotes hair growth and restores natural hair color. All the ingredients acts like a hair tonic and controls hair loss.

    Swarnmakshik Bhasma(R.T.S)

    As per Ras Tantra Saar, Swarnmakshik doesn’t contain any Swarna or Gold. This contains Copper, Iron and Sulphide. Looks like gold or Swarna hence called as Swarnmakshik. Improves haemoglobin and RBC. Works like antacid and having anti-inflammatory properties. Control blood pressure, hyperacidity. This is treated in Horse gram(Kulthi), Castor Oil and buttermilk before making in powder or Bhasma in fire.

    Praval Pishiri(R.T.S)

    As per Ras Tantra Saar this is known as Munga or Calcium coral, Rich source of Calcium. Sea coral when treated almost 21 days in Rose water and made paste to prepare Praval Pishti. Mainly controls Pitta Dosha and improves calcium deficiency.

    Bamboo Shoot Extract

    Rich source of Silica which plays an important role in stimulating healthy hair growth. Known for its scalp-soothing properties, improves blood circulation in the scalp, strengthen hair follicles and promotes the growth of hair . This plant extract is also filled with antioxidant and anti-irritant properties that create an environment for more hair to grow. Silica the mineral, requires in very small quantity and plays crucial role in our physical development. Increase hair volume, Improve density of hair, Make hair stronger, Clears damage skin cells on the scalp, Promote collagen production and adds shine to your hair. Helpful in better skin texture and improves proper nail growth.

    These combination of Natural ingredients, Herbal minerals makes VediCana Hair Growth one of the unique product available in Indian markets. Manufactured in Ayush approved and WHO GMP certified units.