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VediCana Sudh Desi Ghee

VediCana pure Desi Ghee is prepared only from indigenous breed. Purpose is to provide a economical range ghee from Indian cow’s milk. As an organization we check the quality of milk at our end and procure. We strictly avoid Jersey, Holstein and Heifer’s milk. Those comfortable with all these foreign breeds then can go and take the products but, in our inventory, we are strictly following the one thumb rule that is to promote Indian cows and benefits of A2 milk. Indian cow’s milk is like Amrut to human health hence the focus on this products to provide the best for human health. To clear confusion in mind, just visit any near by factory to understand ghee preparation. Once you see the way it is prepared, you will change your mind to understand what is good for you and your family. Hence choose the best Ghee, VediCana Pure Desi Ghee.

Why you need to trust our product?
  • Pure milk exclusively and only from Desi Cow's
  • Traditional wooden bilona used for churning.
  • Ensure superior aroma and texture without binding elements.
  • Ghee prepared from curd churning with slow burning of cream.
  • No cream separator or modern ghee preparation process used.
  • Benefits of VediCana A2 milk Desi cow Ghee.
  • Good for Heart.
  • Great for skin.
  • Keeps constipation away ensuring better intestinal health.
  • Good source of energy.
  • Better digestible A2 protein.