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VediCana Sweet Almond Oil

FACE CARE & ANTI-AGEING: Antioxidant properties fight wrinkles, reduce sagging of the skin. Massage VediCana Almond Oil on your face and under the eyes before you sleep every night to get rid of dark circles and dry skin for a radiant, youthful look.

HAIR CARE: Warm 1 tbsp of VediCana Almond Oil and massage it on the scalp every night to nourish frizzy hair, make it stronger, promote hair growth, reduce hair fall & dandruff. For sheen, apply throughout the length of damp hair. For beard care, massage the oil into your beard.

MASSAGE OIL & BABY MASSAGE: VediCana Sweet Almond Oil is one of the best oils for massaging new born babies, use just a few drops and massage.

LIPS & NAILS CARE: Dab a little VediCana Sweet Almond Oil on your lips, nails & cuticles for nourishment, protection and health.

COLD-PRESSED: Cold-pressing helps retain the original goodness of best quality almonds (Prunus Dulcis) as the extraction process doesn't involve destructive heat or harmful chemicals.