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VediCana Gir Cow Ghee

Gir Cow’s A2 protein milk is rich in vitamins, protein, minerals and other nutrients which we use exclusively to prepare VediCana Gir cow’s Ghee. Gir cow has Suryaketu Nadi which absorbs positive energy from Sun and nourishes milk with swarnatatva. VediCana Ghee is having beneficial Omega-3 and less damaging Omega-6. Regular intake of Omega-3 reduces various disease conditions including reduction of heart disease. A2 Gir cow Milk also contains greater amount of conjugated linoleic acid(CLA). As cows are grazed in organic pastures, milk is not contaminated with harmful chemicals such as residues of pesticides, fertilizers & hormones. Our milk ensures no traces of antibiotics hence healthy life and less resistance. Also ensures higher concentration of Vitamin-A and Vitamin-E compare to conventional milk available. We all are aware that quality of milk depends on the feed given to each cow.

Why you need to trust our product?

  • Pure milk exclusively and only from Gir Cow.
  • Traditional wooden bilona used for churning.
  • Ensure superior aroma and texture without binding elements.
  • Ghee prepared from curd churning with slow burning of cream.
  • No cream separator or modern ghee preparation process used.
  • Benefits of VediCana A2 milk Gir cow Ghee

  • Good for Heart.
  • Great for skin.
  • Keeps constipation away ensuring better intestinal health.
  • Good source of energy
  • Better digestible A2 protein.